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Security Services Available from Overland

At Overland Security in Santa Maria, California, we specialize in providing uniformed and plainclothes security officers for local businesses and companies. Our team of experienced guards offers custom security services for your unique needs, and we are proud to offer the best security in the local area. Visit us today to discuss your needs and put our experience to work for you.

Uniformed Security
For your business needs, we provide armed and unarmed, uniformed security guards. Our highly trained and closely supervised guards are available for security on short notice and fulfill a variety of needs, including escort service, fire watch, perimeter security, and site security.

Plainclothes Security
For confidential security service, we provide plainclothes security guards. Our plainclothes security guards provide top protection for your property, without standing out. Whether you have equipment in the field or you need someone extra to keep an eye on your current security, we provide highly trained guards that provide quality services without being noticed.

Mobile Vehicle Patrol 

For clients that do not require a full time security presence, we can assign uniformed or plainclothes officers to periodically patrol your property in marked or unmarked vehicles.

Proprietary Security Officer Training

We are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to provide training solutions to businesses that employ proprietary private security forces, and to individuals wishing to obtain a PSO certificate independently. 

Firearms Training

We are licensed by the BSIS as a TFF (firearms training facility). We provide firearms training to security officers in the Santa Barbara area.

Remote CCTV or IP Video Monitoring

Overland can provide monitoring of client's video surveillance systems, locally, from our office complex in Santa Maria. Using the Internet and the client's equipment, Overland can provide surveillance and uniformed response, when needed.

Investigative Services
Overland can provide discreet investigative services to private parties.

Since 1947, Overland has provided a wide range of security services to business and industry. Due to our experience, knowledge and training we can provide consulting service on a wide range of security related fields. We are able to review, survey, and offer professional comment on uniformed and plainclothes security forces, training, as well as use of force issues, lethal and less-than-lethal weapon alternatives. We can provide an unbiased and professional review of your current contract or proprietary security officer operations.

Security Survey

As property and business owners, we may believe we have an adequate security program in place. However our adversaries; career criminals and others, are working just as hard to defeat our well thought out systems and programs. Overland representatives can review your existing security plans and respond with a verbal and written report outlining strengths and weaknesses. Every security program must include a wide range of threats including theft, labor and civil strife, vandalism, computer security and white collar crime. Overland can provide a detailed threat description and develop plans to upgrade needed existing programs.

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